Our 30,000sq.ft facility includes the major processes required to ensure we can offer speed, flexibility and total quality control

Our manufacturing plant has evolved to meet customers ever-changing demands and includes double blow hot forging presses, induction billet heating and CNC’s. Secondary operations provide flexibility in thread-rolling, grinding and milling drilling machining.

Heat treatment is performed in-house by continuous shaker hearth & batch furnaces to ensure total quality control. Full Endomix atmospheric control ensures tolerance limits for decarburisation and carburisation.

Other in-plant facilities include phosphate coating and subsequent de-embrittlement, NDT testing, impact & charpy testing.

Let us take you through some of our manufacturing processes in the video above.



Stress Test

We love a challenge…

Like producing 48mm Hex Head Bolts. 5000 of them.
In a 3 week turnaround.

Put us to the test

with your technical challenge – or simply to see how much we can save you!

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