Within the global Power Generation sector, CLYDE FASTENERS has particular proven experience in manufacturing pre-loaded, corrosion resistant fasteners for critical structural joints within large turbine gearboxes, nacelle frame components and tower foundations.

Although in its infancy relative to other energy sectors, Wind Power is fast becoming a major player for CLYDE FASTENERS non-standard products with each turbine potentially requiring in excess of 20,000 bolts. Working with Developers, Turbine Manufacturers and OEM’s we have a programme of innovation support currently developing high-performance Nickel Plated fasteners with certified integrity to meet the stringent demands of an incomparable marketplace in terms of lifetime quality.

Currently offering 12 different grades of raw material in 22 diameters up to M56, our range of Anchor Fasteners, Blade-to-Hub bolts and other corrosion-resistant fasteners are manufactured to the highest possible quality for the high stress and intense vibration applications of the Wind Power industry.

Diameters range from M12 to M56 by hot forging, with finishes including hot dip galvanising, sherardized, xylon and delta.

Pipeline Studs (designed specifically for wind turbine towers)

Ranging from M24 to M56 diameters, Pipeline flange joint bolts are manufactured from high tensile steel with a variety of corrosion resistant treatments available if required.

Blade to Hub studs

Safety critical fasteners for ‘blade to hub’ connections are manufactured to particularly high standards for this high stress application in property classes 8.8-10.9 according to technical requirements.

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